Book Review: The Girl in 6E

The Girl in 6e

This novel by Alessandra Torre follows nineteen year old Deanna Madden, a girl who changed her name to Jessica Reilly and is working full time as a camgirl. Jessica hasn’t left apartment 6E for three whole years – not once – oh, and she also hasn’t killed anyone in this time either. After seeing on the news that a young girl named Annie has gone missing, Jessica realises how uncomfortably familiar the details are to a dark fantasy one of her clients has divulged during their sessions. Certain that her client is behind the abduction, Jessica has a decision to make. Remain hidden in 6E or risk it all and go outside?

I was hooked within the first few pages. This book is outstanding – racy, disturbing, vivid, thought-provoking and I just adored it.

I instantly liked Jessica Reilly, with her straight talking attitude and determination. That, intertwined with her unique role as a popular ‘camgirl’, made for a gripping read. The storyline is ridiculously intriguing with Jessica working tirelessly to suppress her urge to kill – very clever writing.

‘I have to remind myself that “out there” is normality. Something that I am not’

As Ms Torre writes in the Acknowledgements, ‘it takes a certain type of person to “get” it’ this is very true, as there is a lot of sexually explicit content. But in my opinion, the way this is incorporated to the story is fascinating and I couldn’t stop reading because I was hungry to understand more of Jessica – why does she lust after death, how did she come to be this way, could she ever recover and come out of hiding?

‘I am content, in these four walls, without normality. Lonely? Yes. Miserable? At times. But that is what being content is. Comfortable enough with the situation not to prompt change’

When Jessica comes to the realisation that the safety of 6 year old Annie is in her hands, my heart was in my mouth as I followed her dangerous journey. Emotional, compelling and the definition of a thriller. The characters you meet along the way are so well thought out, gave me reason to smile and root for Jessica to confront her demons and find her happy ending. I just can’t imagine you being disappointed if you throw yourself in to this book – it just might surprise you.

five stars


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