Blog Tour Book Review: The Good Kind of Bad

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Title: The Good Kind of Bad
Author: Rita Brassington
Published: 28th November 2015
Publisher: Rita Brassington!

I am thrilled to be part of this blog tour and to share my review for a fabulous read.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Secrets don’t stay secret for long…

She spent her whole life being the perfect daughter, the perfect girlfriend, and was all ready to become the perfect wife.

But after ditching her fiancé at the altar and escaping to Chicago, she marries smouldering stranger Joe Petrozzi three weeks after meeting him in a bar. At least this time, there’s no chance of cold feet.

Married life starts out great: there’s the new job, a gorgeous, enigmatic husband and money’s not an issue.

So what if she’s kept a few secrets from Joe – like where all her money came from. Joe’s been keeping secrets from her, too.

But his might just get her killed.

Intriguing, fast-paced, shocking and full of suspense. This story packs a punch… and then some!

Layers of depth to the characters, I was hooked from the get go falling in to (the new!) Mrs Petrozzi’s world and feeling as though I were personally travelling alongside her getting to know the mysterious Joe Petrozzi after a whirlwind wedding! I genuinely couldn’t guess where the plot was taking me and there’s something magical about letting yourself just get absolutely lost in a really good book.

Rita is a clever, skillful writer and got me good with the twists and turns – I got those great shock moments and this is one of those books where at the time of reading I was constantly talking about it to everyone around me (if it takes me by surprise I just have to tell someone about it!). Ultimately the sign of great writing and I can imagine this being made into a FAB film.

Original, interesting and some moving themes covered. Domestic violence and mental health was dealt with sensitively and felt incredibly realistic; I was on the absolute edge of my seat during the final chapters.

I’ll most certainly be on the lookout for what Rita releases next!


four stars

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