Indie Book Review: The Pharaoh’s Cat

pharoahs cat

Title: The Pharaoh’s Cat
Author: Maria Luisa Lang
Publisher: Self-published
Published: 16th May 2015

Many thanks to author Maria Luisa Lang for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

A well-paced, light-hearted and wonderfully unique story which includes a touch of interesting Egyptian history.

Wrappa-Hamen, feline narrator of The Pharaoh’s Cat, is a stray cat who is gifted with the power of speech and the ability to walk like a human. He befriends the lonely Pharaoh of Egypt, a seventeen year old who hasn’t laughed since his parents’ death. The Pharaoh is overjoyed to meet Wrappa-Hamen and brings him back to live alongside him at the royal palace.

The plot moves along well, flowing nicely through adventures which seem to follow Wrappa-Hamen around like a bad smell and his character certainly doesn’t get boring! He is an eclectic mix of sassy, mischievous and hilarious.

‘He points to a spot under a sycamore tree. “This is my favourite place.”
The Pharaoh and I have the same taste–I’ve peed against this tree.’

If you are a cat lover, this is the book for you!

I would like to have been able to delve a bit deeper in to the world of Egyptian mythology as the bits that were covered in the book were so interesting I was left wanting more.

Imaginative and gave me some real belly laugh moments.

four stars


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