Favourite Childhood Book

The Very Hungry Caterpillar !

the very hungry caterpillar.jpg

The artwork is literally glorious. It’s simply satisfying watching this caterpillar eat his way through every food he comes into contact with until he makes his transition into a butterfly. And I didn’t only enjoy this when I was at school, I read this to my nephew last week and realised I still 100% love it unashamedly! For some reason unknown to man, I love this very hungry caterpillar. Maybe it’s because I’m a snacky person who eats her way through life – me and the caterpillar are one!

What’s your favourite children’s book? And if you don’t like the very hungry caterpillar shame on you, you’re missing out!


6 thoughts on “Favourite Childhood Book

  1. I was just running out of ideas for what to post when I saw your post, loved this one as a kid as well. Hoping to binge read some of your blogposts!


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